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FLSM Founders / Directors

Brandon grew up as an athlete, aspiring to play professional baseball. Through high school, he received multiple honors, including four all-star high school varsity years at Burnet High School in Burnet, Texas.  However, though Brandon headed to college on a baseball scholarship, because of a long history of hurt from "believers", Brandon was on a journey to find out who he was, and his life drastically shifted.  After a serious of injuries, and having played the drums since childhood, Brandon switched passions and began drumming with multiple artists in the secular and Christian genre. During a time of touring and recording with secular bands, Brandon began to recognize that his life has taken a turn for the worse and he began to enter into a very dark place.

In October of 2010, Brandon woke up on his bus and said "Enough is enough! Something has to change or I won't last much longer." It was in that moment that Brandon began to try to re-engage his roots but not without its struggles. After months of hard questions and a pursuit of something real with God, during a regular night of hanging out with his friends, in January of 2011, God chose to descend upon Brandon in a supernatural way.  That night, Brandon's life was changed forever.  He heard the call to leave the life that he had become so enslaved to, and to become a minister of the Gospel ... and he responded with a definitive "YES"!  Since that day, Brandon has exploded into a radical pursuit of Jesus and the person of His Holy Spirit!

Brandon met Caitlin during their first semester in college. Caitlin, also on athletic scholarship for softball, captured his eye almost instantly. Though sparks flew, the timing wasn't right for either of them to commit to each other. In fact, the timing wasn't right for another 7 years. After having to face struggles of her own, Caitlin finished college and moved to Florida for a job opportunity with hopes of a fresh start after having a power encounter with an Angel late one evening. Little did she know that God was at work in Brandon at the same time, and had a plan of His own to bring these two back together even from states away. 

Brandon and Caitlin reunited and reignited their relationship despite being in two different states. This forced them both to build a strong communication and partnership that was rooted in their passion for serving the Lord. This is what continues to drive them today!

Serving alongside each other in the areas of Worship, Teaching, and Prophetic Ministry, Brandon and Caitlin have grown a burning desire to usher people into the very presence of the person of Jesus.  Their ministry, We The Remnant, was birthed out of this desire. Through passionate teaching & preaching, Brandon and Caitlin are gifted in leading people into a deeper understanding of what it means to fall madly in love with and to have their identity in Jesus, and the power that is inherent to being a son and daughter of the King.

"The world is groaning for the sons and daughters of God to manifest His goodness! This comes by being marked by the righteousness of Christ. It's our desire to see the Church rise up to Her full potential as Christ intended for Her to be. Our mission is to lead the sons and daughters of God into action that only comes through truly knowing their identity in God, our Father. Arise and shine Church, your light has come!" 

~ Brandon Byrd

"When you finally understand who you were created to be and you believe it, all of a sudden there becomes purpose to the pain and you can endure. But then, when you actually realize that the reason you were created and your purpose is to have relationship with the God of the universe, now you can LIVE!"

~ Caitlin Byrd

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FLSM Associate Director

You will not find a person more passionate about developing disciples to understand the love of Jesus than CJ Weisinger. With a strong pastoral gifting, CJ continues to push the boundaries and comfort lines of the Church with the truth of the gospel of the Kingdom and how to live a life surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As a young man, CJ had a natural ability to learn and present what he has learned in a concise and exciting manner. As a minister of the Gospel for the last decade, CJ excels in bringing the Bible alive in a way that excites you to your core. Not only is he an effective communicator, he is a creative trainer in the realm of putting action to understanding. CJ and Brandon have been a dynamic duo in ministry since 2013 and, when it comes to training and equipping saints, you won't find a more passionate yet FUN leadership to sit under! CJ is married to his stunning wife Brianna who serves on the WTR Worship Team and is a fierce lover and encourager of women to find their voices and know their worth in Jesus!



Committed to Raising World Changers

The goal of Front Line School of Ministry is to ignite a fire in our students and place them in the community to set their realm of influence on fire for Jesus so that the church is back to the original intent of being outside of the four walls.

With over 300 years of ministry experience, the FLSM staff is committed to fueling the fire of every student to be fully educated, discipled and activated into Kingdom living.



Transforming People

The mission of Front Line School of Ministry is to train and equip revivalists personally, spiritually and culturally to become transformative people that they might be catalysts for expanding the Kingdom of God through their God-ordained calling.


Transformed People Transform Cities

The vision of Front Line School of Ministry is to see people transformed in the Love of Jesus so that they can go out into the world and transform cities, regions and nations to reflect Heaven on Earth.


God is good

Nothing is Impossible with God

Jesus' Blood Paid for Everything

Every Person is Significant

Salvation Establishes New Identity

Grace Frees Us

Presence-based Living

God's Word Transforms

God Still Speaks

Kingdom Ministry is Supernatural

God's Kingdom is Advancing

Modeling Healthy Family

The Church Matters

Generosity Reflects Our Father