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email us with any questions: info@flsm.fun

Beginning in September 2020, FLSM will be FREE to all who desire to be trained and equipped into being true disciples of Jesus. 

How can we do this?

We believe that Jesus is raising up a people who are hungry for His presence and know that He shows up upon the sweet aroma of sacrifice and offerings. Though we do not charge a monthly tuition, we will practice daily the principle of tithes/offerings, sowing/reaping! 


Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Matthew 4:19 

This opportunity is for individuals who have completed the first 9 months teaching and training of FLSM and desire to go deeper into their callings of ministry. It is our desire to spend our summers walking hand-in-hand with you as we take a "do as I do" approach. These individuals will assist with day to day ministry, conferences, worship nights and Encounter services.

These individuals will also be trained with the purpose of leading FLSM areas of ministry for the upcoming school year.

Total Summer Cost - $500 (payment plan available)

The month to month payment option is available for all students and will be due on the 1st Sunday of each month. A 10% interest penalty on the payment will be assessed each week following that date for up to 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, the student is liable to be removed from the summer training program.

$100 Paid In Full by May 15, 2021 ($100 savings)

As a student who takes advantage of the Paid In Full option, your payment will be reduced $100 and you have the ability for a 25% refund if you have to withdraw from the program within the first 4 weeks.

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Application requirements and process below


At Front Line Ministries School of Ministry, we are focused on developing you for a life of transformation. As a place committed to offering a relationship-oriented atmosphere and a spiritually-impacting environment, FLSM requires applicants to meet the criteria listed below:


** Though we do not require you to have a passport to join FLSM, we highly recommend that you acquire one so that you are eligible for any out of country trips.**

• Been a committed Christian for at least 6 months

• Be an active member of a local church  

• Be living a faithful Christian lifestyle consistent with our Student Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith 

• Have access to sufficient financial resources to cover their fees, accommodation, and living expenses. 

• Though we welcome anyone to join FLSM, certain opportunities will only be open to those who have successfully completed high school or are 18 years of age with post-school life and work experience. 

• Have the physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual health, and capacity required for our year long commitment 

• Be proficient in spoken and written English. 


A $40 fee is required to defray the cost of processing your application.

Studying in the Library


*Our application questionnaire gathers a variety of personal info.

*As you apply, you’ll submit a personal photo that shows us your personality!

*After submitting the application, you will need to complete your references.

*A 300-word written salvation testimony describing when you surrendered your life to Jesus.

A $40 fee is required to defray the cost of processing your application.

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1- Apply, Complete & E-mail
Application / Reference Forms with Photos

2- Hear from
FLSM Admission

3- Secure Your Spot
With a Deposit

4- Make Housing and Employment Plans
If Necessary 

5- Apply for a Passport for any potential mission trips

6-Start at FLSM!