How We Began / Kyle and Brandon Byrd

After retiring from a potential career in professional baseball, Kyle Byrd served for 10 years as a youth pastor in the local church. His passionate, creative approach to reaching and developing young people made him one of the most respected local church youth pastors in the state of Texas. Every church he served, though stagnant with regards to youth ministry when he arrived, grew to become thriving communities of faith for middle school and high school students.

As his ministry grew, so did Kyle's reputation among state-wide and nationally known ministry circles. In 1989, he sensed the call to broaden his impact to students. In November of 1989, Kyle founded Front Line Ministries, Inc. (FLM) ... a state and nationally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry organization. Within 3 years, FLM became a leading voice to students across the state of Texas. Within 5 years, the influence of the ministry had broadened to the southwestern United States. By 1995, Kyle was traveling nation-wide sharing the heartbeat of the ministry as the #1 youth communicator of the Gospel within the United States. In 1996, the message of FLM went international for the first time. Since then, Kyle has ministered in 44 of the 50 United States and 5 foreign countries, impacting the lives of over 3.5 million people!

In 2004, the Lord led Kyle and his team to move the home base of Front Line Ministries from the Houston area, to the Texas Hill Country.  After a year of establishing the ministry in its new location, it became clear that the Lord was expanding the focus of FLM to eventually be a catalyst for raising up world changers and a dream was planted to one day have a ministry school that emphasizes Kingdom truth and activation.

Immediately, the stated mission of the ministry was changed from "address the Front Line issues facing the American student", to "declaring revival to the nations"!  In 2005, Kyle & the FLM team planted their first church ... Church at The Epicenter (CATE) in Burnet, TX.  Today, CATE serves as the prototype church for the churches that FLM is committed to planting across the country, and abroad. 

After more than a decade of praying, contending, walking with the Lord, and trusting the vision He had placed in front of them, Kyle and the amazing team of FLM now has the exciting pleasure to open the doors of FLSM and see that dream become a reality under the leadership of his son Brandon Byrd.

Brandon Byrd was born in November of 1989 in Sugar Land, Texas where his entire life has been spent around the ministry of Front Line Ministries, with his father Kyle Byrd.  However, in January of 2011, he became a part OF the ministry!

Like his father, Brandon grew up as an athlete, aspiring to play professional baseball. Through high school, he received multiple honors, including four all-star high school varsity years at Burnet High School in Burnet, Texas.  However, though Brandon headed to college on a baseball scholarship, because of a long history of hurt from "believers", Brandon was on a journey to find out who he was, and his life drastically shifted.  Having played the drums since childhood, Brandon began drumming with multiple artists in the secular and Christian genre. During a time of touring with secular bands, Brandon began to recognize that his life has taken a turn for the worse and he began to enter into a very dark place.

In October of 2010, Brandon woke up on his bus and said "Enough is enough! Something has to change or I won't last much longer." It was in that moment that Brandon began to try to re-engage his roots. After months of hard questions and pursuit of something real with God, during a regular night of hanging out with his friends, in January of 2011, God chose to descend upon Brandon in a supernatural way.  That night, Brandon's life was changed forever.  He heard the call to leave the life that he had become so enslaved to, and to become a minister of the Gospel ... and he responded with a definitive "YES"!  Since that day, Brandon has exploded into a radical pursuit of Jesus and the person of His Holy Spirit!

Serving alongside his father as a Sr. Leader in the areas of Worship & Prophetic Ministry of Church at The Epicenter In Burnet, TX, Brandon and his wife Caitlin have grown a burning desire to usher people into the very presence of the person of Jesus.  Their ministry, We The Remnant, was birthed out of this desire. Through passionate teaching & preaching, Brandon is gifted in leading people into a deeper understanding of what it means to fall madly in love with and to have their identity in Jesus, and the power that is inherent to being a son and daughter of the King.

"The world is groaning for the sons and daughters of God to manifest His goodness! This comes by being marked by the righteousness of Christ."

Brandon's passion is to see people set free by the Spirit of God, so that they would not just experience "another day in church", rather, that they would literally ENCOUNTER the Living God ... and that such encounters would lead to far more than merely attending services, rather a radical lifestyle!


Whether it is a single-day emphasis, a weekend d-now or crusade, a week-long camp, a church-wide crusade, worship training, worship leadership, planting a church or school, mentoring individuals or an extended trip to a foreign land; if it has to do with declaring the message of Kingdom revival, Kyle, Brandon, and their ministry teams has proven to be a dynamic, relevant voice to the Body of Christ ... regardless of the age group involved!

If there is a call to declare revival to the nations, whether in America or abroad, Front Line Ministries and We The Remnant Ministries stand ready to answer the call!